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Fahionate Fatima bracelet 1

  • Here is a bracelet part of the Fashionate Fatima Series. This bracelet consists Swarovski Crystals, Glass Beads, Seed Beads, Silver Decorative Beads, Silver Toggle Clasp. 

    The Hamsa or Hand of Fatima is a talismanic symbol believed to protect one from harm against evil forces and bring goodness, abundance, fertility, luck and good health. 

    It is crucial that you measure your wrist before purchasing. If you don't have a fabric measuring tape, a strip of paper or a string and a ruler will work just as well. There are several 'actual size' rulers available online if you don't have one at home. Please select your 'exact' wrist size in the options above to ensure you get the best fit possible. If you prefer a different size than what is listed please send a message to Thank You!

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